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your home tonight. we hope you stayed awake. we'll see you back here tomorrow. captioned by the national captioning institute [captioning made possible by fox news channel] shepard: american journalists held for months in north korea freed. what it means for them and relations with that country, and the ongoing conflict with iran. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. the former president's goal -- free the two american women held prisoner. >> this obviously is a very sensitive topic. >> now, details on bill clinton's sitdown with the dear leader, kim jong il himself, plus questions about how all this came together. and the al gore connection. right now they're getting ready to leave north korea for a long-awaited reunion with their family. the two american journalists are now said to be safe and
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with former president clinton, who went to the communist country to try to win their release. there have been reports that plane has already taken off, but a source tells fox news the jet is still on the ground and expected to leave within the next 90 minutes or so it was just about four hours ago that north korea's official news agency reported the leader, kim jong il, granted a full parred to the reporters, euna lee and laura ling. their families released a statement that thanked the obama administration, then continues, "we especially want to thank president bill clinton for taking on such an arduous mission and vice president al gore for his tireless efforts to bring laura and ue that home. and we are counting the seconds to hold laura and unithat in our arms." we still don't know what they may have gotten in exchange for the release, but for the women and their families this ends a terrifying chapter that began when the journalists were first captured. here are the events that brought us to this points.
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>> thank you for having us here. >> they were working for the cable network that al gore founded -- current tv. they were on a story about human trafficking back in march and they were right here' chinese-north korean border when north korean forces grabbed them. >> two american citizens are being detained by the north. the less we say about this publicly, the better for those parties concerned. >> the women accused of illegally entering north korea and engaging in hostile acts, one of them the sister of the well known journalist, lisa ling. lisa and others back in the united states could only hold vigils and worry. >> what makes it scary is that i can't really picture or imagine what is happening for her, and it's that sort of unknown which makes it all the more scary. >> but knowing their fate did not make it better. both women were sentenced to 12
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years hard labor. it was a punishment few predicted would actually be carried out. but even before the sentence came down, the secretary of state, hillary clinton, made a comment that would seem to foreshadow today's developments. >> we have explored other approaches, including the use of special representatives. >> it is not clear whether her husband was among the "special representatives" then under consideration. but hours ago the 43rd president of the united states descended the steps of a plane in the capital, pyongyang, and just a short time later he was face-to-face with the leader kim jong il and working on the release of two women who worked for a man who once wark for him. shepard: and now the release has happened. no word whether al gore asked his former boss to get involved. and again, there are still questions about what exactly former president clinton may have promised the north koreans, if anything. "the fox report"'s chief correspondent, jonathan hunt, is live with us here on set. is there a sense for what they
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might get? >> well, the consensus seems to be that we've given up not much more than having former president clinton set foot on north korean soil. that was very important to kim jong il. he wanted a high-level american to come and ask for the release of these women. it allows him to say to the north korean people, look how important i am, look how important a country we are. and critics of this mission say it simply sets a bad precedence, just as they believe jimmy carter's visit in 1994 set a bad precedents, saying that there is a reward, however minimal, for bad behavior, shep. shepard: what else does the u.s. get out of this? >> what the u.s. gets out of this, according to all the experts i've spoken with today, is the priceless information that president clinton can bring back about kim jong il. he sat in the room with the north korean leader. he can tell the obama administration now about kim jong il's physical health, about his mental abilities. was he the man calling the shots? in other words, is he still the man in charge of north korea? and that will be vital
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information in what is still going to be obviously a very difficult relationship as we move forward. shepard: on a side note, there is obviously a serious nuclear disturbance, negotiation, going on with north korea. and today the top nuclear negotiator for north korea greeted president clinton at the plane. >> very interesting. there appear to be two series on that. one is that kim jong il, at the very least, by sending his top nuclear negotiator to greet president clinton, wanted to create the illusion of linkage between the fate of the two women and the nuclear negotiations. the other is simply that this man has been dealing with americans for more than a decade. he speaks very good english. he was very simply the best person to go and greet president clinton. and one expert said to me today, don't worry too much into this. he may be a nuclear negotiator. he is not that high-ranking official. it would be rather like someone come together the united states, shep, and being greeted by the national security advisor, rather than the vice
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president. shepard: while you were speaking we got a flash that the north korean government has just said that the plane has not yet left. when it does, we expect we might get something from the white house, and if that happens in this newscast, we'll bring it to you. jonathan, thanks. in iran, new concerns now that three americans who apparently wandered across its border from iraq could be tried as spies. iranian state media reports and confirms that authorities there arrested joshua fattal, sarah shourd and shane baur for illegally entering the country. investigators will now decide whether they came to spy. the u.s. state department shot down any insinuations of espionage saying they just aren't credible, and shane baur's boss says he never meant to leave iraqi territory. >> i have to assume he was in an area that he didn't realize was iranian. >> he was a freelance
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journalist covering the elections in northern iraq. here at home there could soon be a lot more cash for clunkers. that's the program that gives rebates of up to $4,500 if you trade in an old gas guzzler for a new car that gets better gas mileage. as we've been reporting here, it's such a big hit it used up most of its $1 billion budget in one week. now harry reid says he has the support of the senate to get $2 billion more and that the vote will happen this week. critics are arguing that's extra money that the government doesn't exactly have at its disposal. the obama administration says as of today there have been more than 150,000 cash for clunkers transactions worth more than $1600 million. -- 600 million. the average i am crease in fuel efficiency. 60%. some are asking whether we can afford to extends it, especially when four of the five top-selling cars, though
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mostly assembled in america, are japanese. what does the white house have to say about all those hondas and toyotas? >> that the big three are doing well enough, accounting for 43% of sales. many honda and toyota vehicles are manufactured in the united states. but once upon a time there was language in the cash for clunkers legislation that would have barred any discounts for cars manufactured outside of the united states, meaning employing no u.s. workers or cars made in canada or mexico. the white house approval of that language was' moved because it would have00 head-long into free trade agreements and stopping the program cold. but the white house says this about overall domestic auto production and sales -- >> the statistics denote that the big three automakers have been represented well in this program because they're building cars that americans want to buy. >> and for that reason the white house wants the program to continue.
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shepard: so e.r.a. reid says the senate will vote this week. are republicans trying to stop it? >> they will not filibuster it. the republicans know this is a popular program, but there are some republicans, tom coburn, who says is it really a wise idea for the administration, the country and the taxpayers to interest sent advise certain products over others? >> why not an increase in demand for boats? or how about r.v.'s? or how about refrigerators? they're more efficient. >> no money in the pipeline, shep, for refrigerator sales -- at least not yet. shepard: major garrett live at the white house. it was only a test, but it's giving us an inside look at how one of the nation's biggest cities guards against terror attacks. even the so-called worst-case scenario of a nuclear bomb. and we're getting new details tonight about the u.s. citizens
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shepard: we have newde tails tonight in the case against suspects planning a violent jihad, as they put it, in north carolina. investigators are revealing secret recordings now in which the alleged ringleader of the group talked about bringing muslim holy war here to the
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united states. in court today prosecutors played a scratchy recording of a person identified as this man, daniel boyd, talking about his plans for violence oversatisfies and saying if those plans did not come through, then he'd bring jihad here to america. the voice identified as boyd's can be heard talking to one of his co-defendants seen here, about raising money for this holy war. he suggests robbing a wells fargo truck, telling his son, "you must do it for the sake of aila." all of this information came out today in a detention hearing in court. cameras caught the suspects smiling as they headed into court this morning. however, since it was a federal courthouse, cameras were not allowed inside. so we're relying on our reporters who were in court today. jonathan serrie is here with us, and judge napolitano, who says the evidence is very weak.
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what evidence does the government have? >> well, their case is largely based on what they believe the suspects were intending to do, not anything that they had already done. while looking at the evidence, you have those covert recordings. one man, identified as the alleged ringleader, daniel boyd, says, "i love jihad. i love to stand there and fight for the sake of allah. muslims must be protected at all costs." authorities say they also seized 27,000 rounds of ammunition from the boyd family property as well as gas masks. shep? shepard: jonathan, each as seven suspects appeared in court today, investigators are still trying to track down an eighth. where do they stand on that? >> that's right. his name is june keenan mohammed. he was actually arrested almost a year ago in pakistan on an alleged weapons violation, apparently carrying a dagger near the afghan border. but he was released on bond. authorities are optimistic, though, that he's still in
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pakistan and that he'll be back in custody shortly. >> jonathan serrie, thank you. shepard: it's pretty much the worst-case scenario in the war on terror. a fear that a single attacker might be able to sneak a nuclear device into a large american city. the government estimates the plast and radioactive fallout from such a thing could instantly kill 100,000 people, for instance, in new york. today city police department working to prevent that from ever happening. the nypd, along with the federal agencies held a terror drill in the waters of the new york harbor. the enforcement officers there monitored boats for radioactive material and practicing techniques for stopping and boarding other vessels. our senior correspondent, rich leventhal, was in the water with them today. he's in lower manhattan tonight, rick? >> shep, the nypd says it has radiation detectors so sensitive, they can tell if you had an x-ray at the doctor or plutonium in your bag and can do it from hundreds of feet away. they've been using this technology for three years now,
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mostly in bridges, tunnels and on the streets. today was the first time they used it in large scale with multiple agencies out on the water. an unexpected detour for pleasure craft in new york harbor. a fleet of police boats redirecting traffic through a floating gateway where officers armed with sophisticated radiation detection equipment wait for hits. >> of this was someone shielding something. >> four seemingly innocent boats are actually carrying radioactive material to see if the detection equipment can catch them. this one is seized. another boat beyond the perimeter is chased down. >> this individual tried to skirt around on the outside. he was grabbed by secondary screeners and they got a hit on that boat. >> the exercise is part of a $30 million homeland security-funded program called securing the cities with the goal of creating a protective ring around new york up to 100 miles out. 150 agencies from 60 counties
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in three states, finding and stopping terrorists with a dirty bomb or nuclear device before it's too late. >> osama bin laden, several years ago, obtained a fatwa to use nuclear weapons, and our goal is to make certain that that fatwa does not come to

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